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Sapphire Grill offers In Flight Catering and is a Private Event Venue.


Sapphire Grill | Chef Christopher J. Nason

Opening in January of 1998, the Sapphire Grill has garnered numerous awards and accolades. Our food mantra has always been “Market Fresh” cuisine. It is our dedicated purpose to provide only the finest in day fresh product. From the finest meats, seafood and produce our long reaching and constant sourcing allows us to bring the same culinary experience to your aircraft. From the packaging to cooking techniques we will assure that you are handled in the same manner with which you handle your clients. Through extensive product testing we have developed menus that offer a full range of the finest catering available. Whatever you might ask for…..we will find it and make it available to you. Be assured that when you place an order with Sapphire Grill Catering, you will get exactly what you have asked for at exactly the time you ask for it. Chef Christopher J. Nason has been a working chef for nearly two decades. During that time he has worked and managed some of the most prestigious kitchens in the Southeastern Corridor. Upon opening the Sapphire Grill in 1998, Christopher set out to enhance the level of culinary excellence in Southeast. The Sapphire Grill has since be honored with consecutive DiRoNA awards and cooked to a sell out crowd at the James Beard House. Let us bring our dining experience to your aircraft.


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